Pura Vida

I’m on my way to Costa Rica (first stop… Chicago… the joys of using miles to fly, but at least it’s first class). In any case, I thought I would host yet another contest in which you guess my finishing time, and if you’re closest to the time, I’ll donate to the charity of your choice. And I’m already thinking of a few marks at which I’ll donate if I beat them.

The first leg of the trip was pretty uneventful. Got to Logan at 5:30 thanks to a very generous and dear friend waking up to drive me. Checked in (no bike fee — significant bonus there), went through security, boarded… you know, the usual. Breakfast was tasty.. a southwestern omelette, a raisin bagel with cream cheese, coffee with Baileys and the largest strawberry ever. Now, I’m not a frequent traveler like my bru and sister (I can see why they appreciate status on airlines), and I have no idea of AA’s standing among US airlines in terms of first class service, but I’ve found it enjoyable so far.

Pretty soon I hop onto a flight to Miami. So enter the contest already, would you?