One final thought from Quassy

I had the 38th fastest swim among the men on the day. I had the 14th fastest run. My bike? 58th. I was going to tell my coach “Let’s do more work on the bike” and then realized that between the flood, the hives, the sick and just my own general laziness, I don’t even do all of the work he prescribes me on the bike. So I kept my mouth shut and decided that what I need to say is “Let’s do the work assigned.” Do that, and who knows? Maybe I’ll make up those two minutes and more.

Of the three sports, swimming requires the most technique. You can do all the work in the world, but if your technique sucks, you’ll suck. Once you’ve got the technique, it does require work to maintain and improve your speed. But this all gets broken up into sets and resting and focusing on technique, so typically the mind is pretty focused on what’s going on.

Biking and running are all about putting in the work.

Running is easy. Grab a friend (or don’t), throw on some shoes, and just go. It doesn’t matter what the weather is; all weather is perfect running weather. I’m so excited for my run this weekend that just says “Go to 12 miles. Get out there and run. If you’re feeling saucy, pick up the pace for the last few miles”

On the bike though, at least for me, getting a workout started is much more difficult. Maybe it’s because most of my rides are indoors on the trainer (easier to get consistent training and power, no stoplights, no hills, etc.). But when I see a workout that says, “Just spin for 60 minutes. Nothing too hard” I know I’m going to get really bored. So it’s something I need to work on. I’ll do more riding outside now that the weather is nice and I’ve got an awesome remote base in NH. But the work needs to get done.