The Opposite of Here Goes Nothing

From the first emails back and forth with Steve last year:

Goals (short and long term) within the sport? Short term goal is to go sub 4:40 in a half within the next year. Long term I’d like to be competitive within my AG (moving from top 40 or so to top 10-15).

Yeah, I’d say I covered that one pretty well this year. To be fair, that longer term goal is relative to who shows up on a given race day. At Lobsterman (of which a google image search is hilarious) this weekend, I know some of the speedsters who will be there and there’s just no way I can keep up with them. But this year has been relatively consistent nonetheless: just off the podium a lot of times, on the podium once (in triathlon). 2012 has been a pretty interesting year so far. Although MCM happened way back in October 2011, it feels as though it was part of this entire training block1. And while training rarely went as planned or hoped, things have generally turned out pretty well. And as I’ve said, it’s somewhat frightening to think what the top end might be.

So with that in mind…


  • 4:25 70.3 — this seems like it should be very difficult. 15 minutes off of a 19 minute PR this year? That’s a 5% increase in speed. Surely I can get some of that on the bike, maybe some on the swim and hopefully some on the run because…
  • 2:45 marathon OR 1:19 half — This. I have no idea whether I can hit this. But Emily thinks it isn’t unreasonable. I’ll get my chance at Boston (if I don’t do Two Oceans 2-3 weeks beforehand) or maybe the New Bedford Half.
  • Be smart, live right — I know; this is really a stupid goal. But part of it means deciding whether I want to race 140.6 again (not next year, but maybe the year after), eat healthier, do less stupid things (or stupid things less often)… hard to quantify.

So there it is. I’ve said it. Those are pretty tough goals to reach for2. It won’t be easy. It’ll hurt. But it’s worth the effort. I’m worth the effort.

  1. I guess it kind of was. Steve and I decided to get right back at it 1 week post-marathon
  2. I haven’t even talked to Steve to see if he thinks they are a good idea. Maybe he comes back and says pick one or the other (triathlon or running) as your goal for 2013.