Monthly Archives: November 2012

In the rearview

The 2012 racing season is essentially complete. Granted, I have more races coming up (including a 5K on Thanksgiving… hopefully, I’ll wake up for this one). (Ed: I did, it sucked, but more about that some other time. I took good things away from it). But I’ve already had my off-season and started working on my 2013 racing body (smaller, faster, stronger). Not that it’s been incredibly smooth sailing: jury duty and other events knocked week one a bit off kilter. But here I am, still driving forward.

I was trying to think back about the year and what had gone on. 2011 had been punctuated by the BQ at Marine Corps, but there had been the misery that was IM Coeur d’Alene fresh in my mind as well. There were a few races at the end of 2011 (Miss Santa, Yulefest) but those races were really only memorable for the conditions (either weather or my body/mind) and the company.
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You are all amazing

It was a rough race this morning. A bit hungover from Wednesday night, very cold, and dealing with a road that was frosted over. My slowest 5K in a while… I couldn’t remember the last time I went over 20, but I can now. But I am thankful for that, because I don’t want to do that shittily again. Ever. I have ideas about how to improve, and part of that is training better.

It’s time for the holiday of giving thanks (and then it’s time to give things, I suppose). In that vein…
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A Good Weekend is Nice to Find

I guess at some point I should write a season in review for 2012, but that’ll have to wait for another day. It wasn’t everything I wanted, but it was pretty good.

This weekend was a bit of a double whammy. I debated going running Friday night, but in the end decided that it was the end of the offseason vacation and I was a bit too stressed out by jury duty and work and it’s the end of the training vacation and I get to do what I want without stressing out about things. So I skipped the run and carried on with my regularly scheduled Friday night.
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Winter running

These things are only things

One of my last “don’t know, don’t care” runs of the offseason, and it just so happens a nor’easter is blowing through. Contrary to how most people feel about miserable weather runs, I love them. The suffering is increased, I suppose, but it removes the focus from the suffering in my legs. Every winter, I am rudely reminded that the signs that say Bridge Freezes Before Roadway is, in fact, SCIENCE! I’m exhausted, my schedule is all screwed up due to jury duty, and my ability to sleep through the night is disappeared. But being able to get out and run…
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Keep on running… keep keep on running

Lately I’m getting that “run through a wall” feeling pretty often. Maybe I’ve been mistaken all this time and it’s just a “go run” feeling?

The past week has been pretty odd. I was, or thought I was, ready for my season to be over.
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