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Three little letters

I was worried. I was worried you were going to show up looking terrible and want to continue and I would have to tell you to stop. You have no idea how relieved I was when you were adult enough to pull yourself out — Dad
I wonder if this is where they get the starter's gun
I DNFed a race. The big one for the season. I suppose it was inevitable. You do enough endurance races, and at some point it won’t be your day. How did we get here?
Before I get into it, a quick thank you to everyone who supported me going into and coming out of this race, especially my dad who traveled ~20 hours in total to watch.
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Autumn recap before I kill my legs this weekend

Soooooo, hello! It’s been a while (since August). In that time, I’ve logged a lot of miles getting ready for JFK 50 and run a few adequate races. In short, I think since the mangledankle last year, I haven’t lost too much speed, but I’ve not gained any: I feel like I’m stuck with the speed I had in 2011, which is fine, but I’d like to get the speed back once JFK 50 is over.

A few recent results:
In early October, Macy, Sarah, Chris, Kerry, Jamie and I all took part in the final Applefest Half Marathon. I wanted to finish off the race with another apple pie, and was fairly confident that I could get third place based on last years time. Mentally I wasn’t fully committed to running as hard as possible for the entire race: I ran out a bit hard than I should have, and on the uphills towards the end I took a couple of breaks in the pace to recover. Overall, I had the same time that I ran two years ago: 1:26:41, coming in second and getting yet another apple pie. Chris and Kerry also each won apple pies for their performance in the relay.
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