Autumn recap before I kill my legs this weekend

Soooooo, hello! It’s been a while (since August). In that time, I’ve logged a lot of miles getting ready for JFK 50 and run a few adequate races. In short, I think since the mangledankle last year, I haven’t lost too much speed, but I’ve not gained any: I feel like I’m stuck with the speed I had in 2011, which is fine, but I’d like to get the speed back once JFK 50 is over.

A few recent results:
In early October, Macy, Sarah, Chris, Kerry, Jamie and I all took part in the final Applefest Half Marathon. I wanted to finish off the race with another apple pie, and was fairly confident that I could get third place based on last years time. Mentally I wasn’t fully committed to running as hard as possible for the entire race: I ran out a bit hard than I should have, and on the uphills towards the end I took a couple of breaks in the pace to recover. Overall, I had the same time that I ran two years ago: 1:26:41, coming in second and getting yet another apple pie. Chris and Kerry also each won apple pies for their performance in the relay.

In mid October, Chris and I ran the Firefighter’s 10K in Dorchester. I ran down to the race (getting only more than slightly lost in Dorchester) where we met up with Matt and Ashley. The day was a bit chilly and I was slightly dehydrated, but I still put in a decent 10K performance: 39:35

Finally, there was Marine Corps Marathon. In keeping with the tradition of running to races, I ran from Sarah’s house down to the start. and hung out there, getting very cold, for about an hour and a half until the race started. The race started off and stupidly (especially so since I didn’t have my watch with me) I took off at a pace that was way too quick, and that I would pay for later. This was not the plan, and apparently a source of confusion when I tell people that I ran the race faster than I wanted to. After seeing Macy at mile 19, things kind of fell apart: I had my race to the portapotty, and then my legs just started getting really tired around mile 22, which was essentially my marathon end and where I went into extra miles. I’m confident this was more a case of failing myself for the first 30K+. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Oh, and I also won the Shamrock Shuffle 5K pub run for the 3rd year in a row. A bit more difficult as a speedster crushed the first lap… but then he nursed his first beer and I was able to cruise to victory with a 19:57 or so. So it looks like I’ll be going back next year.