Rev3 PDX

Now with bonus incentive. Win and I will make you cookies too.

I head out to Portland this week to race the olympic distance at Rev3 PDX. Psyched to meet/see my teammates, but bummed that Courtenay is hurt so I won’t meet her (but I will meet Malaika). Courtenay’s an awesome pro who has helped me with some issues (mostly around possibly going gluten free last year given my stomach issues) and I want to thank her in person for the support. Anyhow, it’s my first time going to Portland (which is really why I chose the race as it’s the only major west coast city I’ve yet to go to), so I plan to ride my bike like this (plus a helmet):
I also plan on having some Rogue, working in a coffee shop, and RACING. It’s a flat flat course for the Olympic distance, so it should set up for me pretty well.

Same deal as before: closest to my time gets money donated to the charity of their choice.

Guesses so far