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I’ve been thinking a lot about how I would talk about Lance Armstrong racing the Rev3 Half Full Triathlon after the USADA ruling against him. After all, Rev3 is my sponsor and I’ve got ambiguous (at best) feelings towards Lance. I think the truth matters, and I think integrity matters. Honesty too. So yes, I was a bit conflicted about how to reconcile the Ulman Cancer Fund dropping USAT sanctioning and allowing Lance Armstrong to race in the survivor wave. A little tangent first…

I’ve been struggling a bit, as I often do, with the feeling that I am living slightly past the edge of my own control… that is, things are getting away from me and I am not living up to my own standards. It’s impossible, in this day and age, not to see photos of friends on trips to far reaches of the world, whether for business or pleasure, and not be a bit jealous of the lives they are living. But then I remember the choices I have made, the lifestyle I lead, the things and people I love are pretty fantastic and they are mine. They have not always been right, they have not always been the best in the end, but they were mine and they are me and while I am jealous that people are in far corners of the world, I am confident that there are others who feels pangs of jealousy for my life as well. These are stupid things, and things I know and understand all too well. All of this is to say I was thinking of whether business school is something I would ever want to do, given that I know people who have gone and respect many of them…

So as I got off the trainer after watching 2 episodes of Breaking Bad (yes, it was that long of a trainer ride) I started framing this from a business perspective. Charlie has talked publicly (and privately) about the decision. Rev3 providing race support to UCF is expensive even before UCF let Lance race (Rev3 donates timing and other support services). There is some discussion (on Slowtwitch and elsewhere) that there are further opportunity costs to letting Lance race (e.g. some people who feel very strongly will not race Rev3 events, other race directors may not allow Rev3 to steward their events in the future). But if UCF and Charlie believe that letting Lance race will provide an inspiration to young cancer patients, survivors, and their families, then I can understand their decision to let Lance race. It’s an honest decision, and if celebrating Lance the cancer survivor helps others, I think perhaps we can sport aside once. The onus is on Lance not to “race” and rather to encourage those racing and battling around him (I would be extremely disappointed if he even attempted to win the survivor wave).

I still believe the truth matters.

Disclaimer #1: Like I said, I’m sponsored by Rev3, and this is a touchy issue. Even for me. I struggle with it
Disclaimer #2: I know that this post avoids a lot of the ethical issues. But it’s a very slippery slope no matter where I stand