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I was at a bon voyage/good luck party for Julia’s trip to NZ for Worlds, and was on the receiving end of some gentle ribbing about how crappily I fuel myself for races and training: namely, Swedish Fish, beer, and soda. While my results speak for themselves, the question was posed as to how much faster I could go with a better fueling/diet strategy. Now…

There would need to be 4 (and possibly a 5th depending on sponsorship) categories: the swedish fish/beer/soda control group, the beer/soda experimental group, the swedish fish experimental group, the none of the above experimental group. Further, to determine statistical significance, we’d need to have a large sample. Unfortunately, we can’t try this year after year on the same course as that will introduce all kinds of confounding variables (age, training load, focus). So to be fair, we’d need to clone me… I’m thinking 200 Jordans randomly assigned to the groups should suffice. Some would say that’s too many Jordans. They’re probably right. There’s also the issue of feeding and housing and training those extra Jordans. Which means that this might need sponsorship. I figure since Red Bull has had a man jump from 24 miles up, creating 250 or Jordans (and introducing the Red Bull experiment group) might be right up their alley.

Some people have other ideas with what to do with 200 Jordans:

All kidding aside, I might try experimental group #1 for a bit to try that out for Florida in two weeks before I shut down for the season.

Camping is Intense

There’s a building being, well, built next to my office at work. On the skeletal frame, there are these staircases that lead to open air below. Turns out they are part of these elevators that ring the frame allowing workers to put up the facade of the building. But as someone afraid of heights and afraid of my brain, the thought of a stairway to suspended in the air terrifies me.
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Running into the ground

This weekend was all about racing hard, training hard, and living better. I had a bad week motivation wise for training, so I was looking forward to having an awesome weekend. And I did.
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I’m sick. Hell of a head cold right now. The throbbing in my head is worse than the pain of training. Hopefully I’ll be better for my ride tomorrow.

I was starting to get sick during the 10K and I’ve gotten worse since then it’s not gotten any better. Did a 2K swim (pacing like a metronome… a very slow metronome). Been sneezing all day today and now a headache is kicking in.

Lots of new gear is piling up. Rollers, new tools, a new crankset. I’ll add some photos of everything later on as I’m swapping stuff around. For now I think I’m just going to head to bed.

10K Test of Stomachs

Ran a 10K (well, really 6.25 miles) this morning. All part of testing for the month of April. The short story is I ran a 41:48, increasing my Vdot another 0.5. But the short story leaves out all the interesting bits. So if you want the more interesting version, and you haven’t eaten in the last hour and aren’t eating anytime soon, let’s continue, shall we?
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Making do

Some days, I just really don’t feel like training. Or doing much of anything. But there’s something that drives me to train when I’ve got a workout on the schedule. Maybe it’s the fear of letting someone else down.

Got a lot of testing done over the last two or three weeks. Thanksgiving I ran a half marathon in 1:37.39. That’s 6 or 7 minutes faster than I ran last year, and since last year was the fastest I had run it… I’ve been doing something right. It helped that I had my sister to run with me. Or rather, to push me and push me and then to drop me with two miles to go. I don’t begrudge that at all. She should drop me when I can’t go as fast anymore. So she dropped me and ended up putting 20 seconds or so on me (most of that in the last half mile). That’s a Vdot of 46 or so, which is pretty much what I had been assuming.

Bike test last week was nice. Woke up in the morning, put on my windy/rainy day gear and got to do my FTP test outside. I’ve been riding pretty much exclusively indoors due to illness and/or foul weather for a while, so it was just really really pleasant to be outdoors and have my nose going as the awesome snot factory that it is. I’m beginning to find the infinit a bit sticky, but it seems to be doing the job so well that I’ll deal. FTP was 228W, again as my coach and I had been expecting/assuming.

Swim test of 1000 yds was last Friday. I think I did the right distance. I think. Not 100% sure, but also not sure what direction I was off in. Anyhow, ended up being about 1:36/100 yards, which isn’t all that much improvement over the last test I think (maybe even a bit of a slip). Oh well.

Now the real fun begins. I’ve got my targets and that’ll help really focus the training for some tough intervals. We’ll see how everything else pans out.


It doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 weeks since I stopped doing anything. Feels far too soon to be pulling out the trainer again to ride and ride and ride and not go anywhere. Even so, it felt great to get out tonight and run for 30 minutes. Yeah, only 30 minutes, and maybe I went a bit harder than I should have, but still, it felt good. There’s a nip to the air now, which will, fortunately, make riding the trainer just a bit easier.


I don’t know how it happened, but I pulled, strained or otherwise injured my left upper back last Friday to the point of being in pain moving from a lying down position to a sitting up position. It was quite unpleasant. With all that said, however, I was able to get in an abbreviated bike workout on Saturday (abbreviated due to work, not pain). I think that was to be expected as the bike doesn’t require a whole lot of upper body movement. I decided to sit out Sunday’s hard run and yesterday was a scheduled off day to get my shit together before Chicago this weekend.

As for why the back injury happened, I have two hypotheses. One is that my roommate order some weights, and as I get home before he does, I picked them up at the front desk to bring them up to the apartment. That may have been the stressor. The other potential incident occurred after I lowered my aerobars on Wednesday. Did some FTP intervals and when I put significant weight on the elbow pads, they had a tendency to rotate outwards. But that was the right elbowpad, so I’m guessing it was me being stupid with the weights.

This, I would say, is the first serious injury I’ve encountered since starting training back in February/March 2007. The achilles tendonitis is a close second, but just nowhere near as debilitating in every aspect of my life, nor as obvious from a day to day standpoint. Yes, I consider myself quite lucky in this regard, and it only wants me to do moreany injury prevention.

As for Chicago, I’m pretty psyched. I feel like I got in a bunch of great training (especially on the bike). The course is supposed to be a whole lot flatter than NYC, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

Sick or tired, but not both

I’m either sick or battling severe exhaustion – even after taking two weeks off from any training and just racing. So it’s off to sleep, and the beatings of my body and mind will continue until the situation improves.

Swim today felt sluggish and slow. Didn’t finish the weights section as I just felt too tired. Tomorrow is the first run since the debacle in NYC. Should be interesting.